Owl Pellet Dissection

When an owl eats dinner, he can’t digest everything he swallows. So he neatly packages feathers, fur, teeth and bones into an oval “pellet” and regurgitates it. Somebody (who knows who) collects these, wraps them, and sells them for a few bucks a piece to crazy people like us.

It starts out looking like this.

You gently pull it apart to separate out the bones.

What you get is a big mess.

And when you separate out the bones, you find interesting tidbits you use to identify “dinner.”

We eventually found leg bones and a beak, which let us know this owl likes to eat little birds. Poor Tweety!


5 responses to “Owl Pellet Dissection

  1. How fun! I have wanted to do this for years. I know our local homeschool store sells them, so I’ll have to get one.

  2. They do that for kids here at the omsi but oh my, my stomach just cant handle it. Tink gags too so for now I guess I dont have to worry about it until Peter wants to disect one!

  3. It’s always an adventure to read the blog of a homeschooling mom. You just never know what you’re going to get that day!

  4. YUCKY!! 😦

  5. We’re planning to dissect owl pellets this month, too! But I have to pass on the cow eyeballs. SCARY!!

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