Beware Your Nod

I was on the phone with a dear friend, having the refreshing kind of conversation that contains just the right mixture of empathy and exhortation. We were sharing the secret inner workings of our families and households, things I don’t readily share with others, when Brian came up holding a t-shirt, moving his lips in what seemed to be a question mark. I nodded, briefly wondering what harm could happen with t-shirts.

Mutiny–that’s what can happen!

These three pirates commandeered the markers and made treasure maps for later.

But shiver me timbers, I’ll be ready for them next time!


4 responses to “Beware Your Nod

  1. Ah, yes. I agree to all kind of bad things when I’m on the phone and have no idea what they are actually asking me. I’ve decided that I should go by my sister-in-laws rule…if I’m on the phone, the answer is “NO!”

  2. I like Gwen’s idea of the answer being NO! My kids still can’t seem to keep away while I am on the phone, and they are even small anymore! Aaargh!

  3. Oh how fun. I was reading through your other posts. How interesting about the dissections. We have not done the eyeball, but gutting chickens and turkeys is common practice around here. We will probably do those things when our 13 year old does biology in high school since she wants to be a vet.

  4. twilightspath

    Haha I love that trick! I still use it every now and then 😛

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