Tracing Our History

My kids recently discovered my stash of tracing paper from my first year of college. This paper survived six moves, 17 years, and our recent flood–even though it was directly under the torrent of water. It was destined to be discovered by my children as the hidden treasure it is.

Check out the title of the book Brad’s using.

Bill Clinton was President when I bought the paper. George W. Bush is President now. Tonight we’ll watch the Obama-McCain Presidential Candidate Debates. I wonder who will be President when the paper is re-discovered, maybe decades from now. That is, if it’s not all used up tonight.


7 responses to “Tracing Our History

  1. LOL…that paper would not last a day in my household. We already can’t keep any printer paper, because our children draw all over it.

  2. We have that Presidents book and we’ve always loved Arthur! “Having fun isn’t hard when you’ve got a library card!!”

  3. Oh – GREAT new header photo!!

  4. My kids discovered that the paper around scott toilet paper rolls is excellent tracing paper. 🙂

  5. How fun! Tracing paper always disappears at my house. LOL

  6. Deb, I love your writing voice. It’s so natural, and flows so easily, and lightheartedly! Keep writing. You have the voice that so many of us resonate with.

  7. That’s adorable! My kids would DIE if they found tracing paper. Like Gwendolyn, we can’t keep printer paper either. It’s an addiction!

    “Just one more piece, Mom. I promise this is the last one…”


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