Fitness Friday

It’s painful to write this right now, when that chocolate iced brownie is calling out to me from the table. Ugh! Talk about conviction. However…God always provides a way of escape from temptation, and I think blogging about my progress might just be it.

How’s it gone this week? Well. Not perfect, but good. I have a really cheap IKEA scale with such little markings that I usually can’t read it, which can be good at times. I usually fall between 1_8 and 1_6. I’ve been consistently at the 1_6 mark this week. I’m tempted to invest in a real scale when I get down to 1_0. I’m not bothering to measure myself–I’m happy about fitting into my smaller sized jeans, out of the two sizes that I keep on hand.

I’d say on the food front I made wise choices about 80% of the time. Yes, last night I had a three scoop ice cream sundae slathered in caramel and hot fudge, but I didn’t finish it and was feeling a little gross afterward. Not guilty, but physically sick–which is a big deal because it used to be a nearly-nightly ritual for me.

On the activity front I haven’t fared so well. But I have a wonderful encourager friend who invited me to meet her for walking instead for a fattening coffee drink, and I plan to take her up on it soon. I decided when I’m alone I’ll park farther away from stores, and I’ll try to rally the troops for a walk after dinner a few nights a week. I’m dropping my activity goal to 15 minutes per day, hoping that will be less daunting and more tacklable. I’m just talking about not sitting on the couch for Pete’s sake–it can’t be that hard!

Onto this week’s theme: What are you doing differently at dinner?

  • I’m eating smaller portions–even of salad. I find I pile my plate and I have to consciously choose to halve the amount I think I want. I can always have more if I’m still hungry.
  • I’m drinking {gag} water. I love lemonade and sweet tea, but they’re full of sugar and empty calories (not that I even really know what a calorie is). I’m adding a lemon wedge to the water to give it a kick.
  • I’m eating the dinner meat on a salad for a feeling of fullness earlier. I’m getting just enough mix of roughage and protein, not overdosing on either.
  • I’ve cut out breads. (Well, except for tonight, when I just have to have a loaf of sourdough with my lobster bisque filled with shrimp and scallops. Yummo!)

This might be boring to you, or it might be inspiring. Don’t let it be judging. You are on your own journey, and you must find the path God cut for you.


7 responses to “Fitness Friday

  1. Hi! In response to your questions…Hopefully my lamp wont vibrate off the dryer. 🙂 Before my “makeover” I had some things on the dryer and they never moved. Yes, my dryer opens in the front. Does yours? I don’t know if I have seen one that doesn’t.

  2. Fitness Friday – is that a new thing? Did I miss it before? Probably, since I haven’t been spending much time in blog land these last couple of weeks. Maybe I’ll join in on this! I mean, can I join in?? The Lord has done a lot of purifying work in me since Summer and I’m about ready to see how that will overlap into purposeful & disciplined physical behavior/processes.

  3. “I’m just talking about not sitting on the couch for Pete’s sake–it can’t be that hard!”

    I love this!!! That’s exactly how I feel about it!!! You sound like you are doing great! I truly think small changes will add up. And a friend to walk with? What a blessing!

    Keep it up!

  4. i feel the same way about water…yuck…but the truth is that after reading this i was inspired to make a pitcher of sweet tea. I am sure that was not your intent, but i will definitely enjoy it. :o) Sounds like you are doing great.

  5. Hey, good for you! Found you from Brenda’s site, and I am so glad! Every. little. thing. you do differently (for the better) will help, so consider that big progress! I look forward to seeing you journey on! Have a great week!

  6. I think when you set reasonable goals, you will feel SO much better having accomplished them, than when you set the bar too high and miss the mark. Good for you to adjust your workout time to something manageable!!

    And getting the family involved is excellent! It will keep you motivated too, because they will start asking for those after dinner walks. Just wait and see! Keep it up!

  7. It is great to have a walking friend! Every little thing that you do now that you didntn do before is awesome and will add up! The dinner meat on a salad is a wonderful idea! I know how hard it is to drink water, something someone told me was to drink it out of a really pretty class, like a wine goblet or something. So it felt special!!! You could also make a very weak herbal tea for some flavor???

    Your doing great and I know it will get easier!

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