Answer to Prayer

We enjoyed a wonderful time of fellowship with old friends a few weeks ago. The mother and daughter blessed us with a beautiful duet on our yard-sale keyboard, right on our living room floor. Something about the magic they created led to the begging of our four children, “Can we get a piano, Mom? Pleeeeeease?” With our recent lay-off, we ate into our emergency reserves and just didn’t have it in the budget.

The very next afternoon, a friend was relaying the story of a mutual friend who offered her a piano she couldn’t use. Lo and behold, through a series of phone calls and rain delays, our piano came home yesterday. It is gorgeous! Already we’ve dedicated it and the children have named it, Charlie. I’m not sure how they chose the name, but they could named it Timbuktoo for all I care; I’m just thrilled he’s arrived. And I hope he gets plenty of visitors!

Waiting for the arrival.

Examining Charlie’s insides.

Giving Charlie a little love.

Good boy, Charlie.


4 responses to “Answer to Prayer

  1. congratulations on such a great addition. I hope that we can have one someday.

  2. That is awesome! My grandma gave us money for a couch so we went ahead andgot a futon for our guests! God is awesome!

  3. that’s wonderful!! I haven’t played in several years, I wish I could get back to it.

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