Fun at the Dentist’s Office?

We had our first appointment with Dr. Brill.

He’s been doing this forever and isn’t rattled by anything.

Anything. {grin}

The staff made sure the kids were comfy doing everything–even space alien x-rays.

Brooke has to go back for some work, but she’s not scared.

Brad’s not batting an eye at his upcoming extraction. He’s been trying to work that bottom front tooth loose since the new one grew in behind it months ago. No dice.

I almost wish I was young again so I could tell my non-Novacaine-using childhood dentist to take a hike.


2 responses to “Fun at the Dentist’s Office?

  1. Oh, you reminded me…I need to make my youngest his first dentist appointment today. I’m hoping that he is as calm as your children!

  2. My childhood dentist was a great place too. It makes it so much easier! For everyone! 🙂

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