School for the Blind Campus Tour

We’ve been studying eyes and sight in our KONOS Attentiveness unit this fall. We celebrated our unit with a delightful trip to the Maryland School for the Blind. Our amazing tour guide showed us around campus with a pride that inspired us to look at life differently.

This campus (which is the third campus in the school’s history) is 100 years old.

Aromatic and texturally interesting plants make the gardens beautiful for the visually challenged students.

An on-campus preschool invites average-functioning children from the area to participate in its program at no cost.

Check out the real sod they laid on the floor of the inside classroom to provide maximal sensory stimulation. Amazing!

But the little ones aren’t the only ones who get to play. Check out these bicycles outfitted for students with special physical needs.

My children were surprised to find that the students enjoy the same things in life they do–like music. They were intrigued by the modifications, like this big red button which allows a physically-challenged student to operate her stylin’ cd player.

If you live nearby, I highly suggest touring the facility. You’re in for an eye-opening adventure.


One response to “School for the Blind Campus Tour

  1. Deb,

    You were so close to our house! We live in Overlea right behind the Maryland School for the Blind and we had no idea that they offered such an educational opportunity. Just in case you or other home schoolers are interested, the School for the Blind also has an event called Baltoween. It takes place on October 25th from 11-5 and it is a fundraiser for the school. You can check it out at


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