Fitness Friday

This should really be entitled Truthful Thursday.

I blew it this week. Hubby was out of town, I didn’t take the time to shop, I didn’t prepare good foods ahead of time, I had my period, and it was a full moon. I was doomed.

So, one good week, one bad week. Now, the real test is where I go from here. Do I get back up on the horse, or do I let him trample me over and over again? I’m going to get back up…after I eat my caramel and chocolate covered apple tomorrow, and eat my homemade pie Saturday night. I will. I promise.

8 responses to “Fitness Friday

  1. Sigh. I haven’t been good this week, either. But it’s a new day, right?

  2. oh i know the feeling…it is hard when it is just you and the kids. We usually end up eating breakfast a lot

  3. been there, done that

  4. “Now, the real test is where I go from here.” To another GOOD week, obviously!!

    Did you not add your post to Mr. Linky on purpose?? I’ve received several sweet comments from others who’ve posted there, and maybe a few of those in your own inbox would be enough to help you secure the right answer to “where to from here?” for yourself!!

  5. Oh, I just forgot to add it–just added. Lol.

  6. Thanks for the comment on my blog! I love your fitness Friday- I might have to start doing that– 😉 Some weeks I do good and others not so good. – in the fitness department….such is life 😉

  7. Oh this post made me laugh. “I was doomed.” I SO understand! AND it made me feel better. I never made it to the store this week either. And guess what? I didn’t go this weekend either. ARGH!

    But we can do this—little choices every day, right?

  8. I so hear you girlfriend! I told myself that if I’d eat the last 2 packages of swiss cake rolls I’d be helping myself out tomorrow so I wouldn’t be tempted to eat them then! hahaha!

    I love your blog!

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