It’s a Travesty!

Today I combed our local library for books for our KONOS Frontiersmen unit. There were less than a dozen! The librarian said the local public schools have stopped teaching about the Westward expansion. Can you imagine?! They teach Plymouth Rock and 2008, but not how we got to the west coast!

I also learned our librarian is required to purge books not checked out in the past two years. Next time I’m there I’m going to ask her if any good books are coming near that point and check them out just to keep them on the shelves. She said holiday books are purged after only one year if they’re not checked out.

Some of the best books in the whole entire universe are overlooked for a few years and need to be dusted off a bit. Something is wrong when we lose if we don’t use quickly. Life is not quick, it is a journey of a thousand miles and begins with one small step, one dusty book.

(Photo: My own set of childhood books covered with dust, awaiting a puff from one of my own children. They are as magical as they ever were.)


4 responses to “It’s a Travesty!

  1. twilightspath

    That is so sad! Just because no one’s happened to pick up a book in a while doesn’t mean that it should get ditched! Some of the best books I’ve ever found in libraries are those hidden in the deep, dark, corners with piles of dust on them

  2. how strange that they would do that…

    thanks for the recommendation of The Prayer Box, I’ll look out for it

  3. Shocking! I’m glad to know that. I wonder if they end up at the semi-annual book sale at my branch?

  4. i had no idea that libraries did that. It is sad really….and they don’t teach that stuff anymore? really, that seems silly

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