Fatness Friday

…oops, did I say that? It’s Fitness Friday!

I’ve gotten to the bottom of being overweight–my body is in rebellion. Really. For years it burned off everything I ate (and believe me, it was a LOT) faithfully and all I could do was ‘dis it. Here it was working its hardest without any help from me, and I complained about it at every turn. So, it’s on strike. Ms. Metabolism has put her feet up and hung the CLOSED FOR BUSINESS sign in the window.

A good conspiracy theory is worth a little consideration, right?

Okay, maybe the answer is that I just can’t stop doing this

and eating these.

Seriously, though, something really cool has happened. Some switch has flipped in my brain and I’m itching to join the gym. I have this great desire to go work out really hard, work up a sweat, work out a way to exercise on a regular basis on the treadmill and exercise bikes at the Y. I can’t say I’ve ever wanted to do that. I’ve thought I should do that. I’ve even wanted to want to do that. I checked out the child care and prices, and it’s the same prices as 2 hours of babysitting a week. That’s two one hour workouts with free child care. Hmm…I think I can work that in!

Okay, and the thought of the week:

If money, time, babysitting, etc. were not issues, what type of exercise would you participate in?

Well, if I had all the time/money/resources in the world, I’d do what a friend of mine said she’d do–live in a home smack dab in the middle of a nature preserve, walk ten minutes to our fully stocked town every day to the farmer to get fresh, locally-grown organic vegetables, and then to the free-range livestock and beef farms to gather up our protein. Yummo!

But, coming back into a little bit of reality, I’d join a gym and not be embarrassed to ask for lots of help getting started. I’d ask all the questions I wanted and work out HARD three times a week. I love biking, so in good weather I’d load everyone up and we’d head out to the park for some serious riding. WooHoo! I’m getting excited.

So, how about you?


7 responses to “Fatness Friday

  1. so first off, where can i get one of those switches! I could use a little work out desire!! And if i could do any working out, i like your friends idea, but i wish i could run again far and long, and do lots more yoga.

  2. Yeah, I hear you on the ‘Fatness Friday’. It was my FEMININE time this week and I did hardly a thing. But I am back on the bandwagon and looking forward to losing!!

  3. We made peanut butter cookies this week too. Sent most of them out to neighbors, so there weren’t too many that eventually found themselves dispersed to my thigh area!

    “That’s two one hour workouts with free child care” – sounds like a good deal to me!!

  4. I love the conspiracy theory idea! Why didn’t I think of that?!? Well, you sound like you are focused and ready to go! hang on to that motivation adn go for it this week!!! And anything extra you can swing for babysitting at the gym is SO worth the expense. You gain so much from your time there!

    Have a great week!

  5. Wow live smack in the middle of a nature preserve. Great idea! Yes sometimes I do think it is a conspiracy!

    The babysitting/workout sounds like a great and affordable plan for you!

  6. You mean that having your metabolism go on strike is just a conspiracy theory? There’s a common thread this week. We’re all coming to see it us. The tough part means now we gotta change. I agree do they sell those switches somewhere.

  7. Oh the title made me laugh!!! It’s great!

    What a cool idea to live way out and walk to get food. I never thought of that. Glad the switch flipped on for you…how can I do that?

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