ROCK-uh-BON-nah and JOHN-na CANE

Our library constructed a display for the election, complete with photographs with the Presidential and Vice Presidential nominees from the two major political parties. My children were excited to let everyone know they knew the candidates’ names. My two year old even screamed them out:


and JOHN-na CANE!

I heard little giggles from all over the library.

Tonight the children held their own debate. Brad was the moderator, asking Brooke a.k.a. Sarah Palin (“just Sarah” because governor is a tricky word for a six year old to pronounce) if she wants the buildings low, medium or high. Brian was the self-proclaimed judge, whacking his tinker toy and calling sternly for “Order in the courtroom.” What a HOOT!

I have it on good authority that “Just Sarah” likes medium-sized buildings. TeeHee.


One response to “ROCK-uh-BON-nah and JOHN-na CANE

  1. i love sarah and johnmcain! GO SARAH YOUR NUMBER 1!

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