Why Do YOU Come Here?

I am in shock over a friend’s sentiments:

“I can’t even go to your blog anymore; I feel too guilty about what I’m not doing with my kids.”

Another friend said:

“Reading your blog makes me realize what a bad mom I am.”


Then there’s the other side, encouragment:

“Your family does the coolest things – on a consistent basis! What wonderful experiences you’re giving them together!!”

And more:

“I really enjoy checking your blog every day. I’ve learned to check it a couple times a day, as you frequently add things. I love it! A normal home school family with fun things to do :). You make my day.”

Readership at this humble spot has tripled in the past few months, and I’m curious:

Why do you visit my blog?

What do you like best?

Why do you keep coming back?

What would you like to see?

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Please click on “Comments” and fill out the form. You can sign in as anonymous if you’d like.

Just to show you our days have bumps and surprises like yours, here’s a picture thought from my kitchen. Do you see what I found in our tea-towel drawer?


12 responses to “Why Do YOU Come Here?

  1. Why…

    Why do you visit my blog?
    You inspire me as a mother, as a friend, as a Christian. The way you raise your kids is so filled with life, wonder, and love. Coming here does not discourage me, even when I feel I fall short of my own aspirations as a mother… coming here makes me thankful for the role models I have in my life. And I love each and every one of your kids. I really do.

    What do you like best?
    How “real” you are, how wonderful you are with your kids, the things they are learning, the adventures they have, the pictures you post… I could just go on and on.

    Why do you keep coming back?
    See all of the above, LOL! And… because I love your family. I keep coming back because it fills me with such joy for your children.

    I also *LOVE* the “keeping it real” pictures. They delight me beyond belief, and bring me great joy. I laugh with you, I cry with you.

    What would you like to see?
    For you to keep blogging, of course! Was there a scripture this week that you read and that spoke to you? Is there something you struggle with sometimes? Have you felt God speak to you today? Continue to share your thoughts with us, pretty please!

    Is that a sock? LOL!!!!!!!!

  2. Yes, JD, it’s a sock!

  3. YIKES !! A sock!!! Ya just never know, do ya? Don’t you love those moments? I do. One day when we are old and gray we will wish we would find a dirty sock in the towel drawer. Hmmmm, why I love your blog…. let me count the ways…. You are truly an inspiration!! I can barely get through homework with my kids before I want to poke their eyeballs out (oh, did I say that outloud?). I just don’t know how you do it – and do it so very well!! How you make everything a learning experience. How you don’t care if the kids make a mess as long as they are learning, playing, having fun. How you seem to enjoy joining in with their play (thats a TOUGH one for me). And of course, your “realness”. I think we can relate to each other in that department. As I type this I have a snoring dog on my lap who is blowing little snots onto my keyboard as I type. Yep, keepin’ it real girl.

  4. A sock? **feigning shock and horror** Goodness… it simply can not be. So, that leads one to ask…

    Dirty, or clean??! You know, keeping it real and all…

  5. Because you’re sweet and funny and real and you (and/or your kids) are always doing fun stuff! Plus you post a lot, so that’s hard to ignore. 🙂

  6. twilightspath

    Haha I did three or four literal double-takes when I saw JD had commented. I thought I was sleep deprived, but had begun to wonder if I had read and commented on this and then come back and forgotten all about it! Yikes! Anyway, I’d have to say the thing I love the most about your blog is that I get to see small glimpses in your family’s story daily. So much fun! It’s like a book, only with lots and lots of hilarious pictures! I’m also impressed with how regularly you update, what with a post nearly everyday. I keep coming back because of your sheer funniness and variety of posts that keep me wondering what’s coming next. I really don’t know what I’d like to see more of since I am completely content with what you have now, oh and I like the new layout by the way! Very snazzy!

  7. I love coming here because ya’ll are always up to something fun. 🙂

  8. i am not sure if i have a answer for every question but i love coming here to read about your fun adventures and to get some inspiration, as a mother and as a homeschool teacher. I keep coming back because i just enjoy reading.

  9. Because you do all the awesome projects I want to do with my kids but which my kids aren’t currently interested in.

    Because somehow you manage to keep a beautiful house beautiful with four kids in the house.

    Because I love your pictures and my kids love seeing their friends in action.

    Because despite how nice you keep your house you still hide clutter behind closed doors, just like me.

    Because I like you.

  10. i visit because…

    it’s real. fun times. hard times. all working together for good times.

    i can relate. a Christian homeschooling family with four children that likes a lot of the same things we do.

    i am encouraged. to keep things in perspective. to remember that my blessings are just that. to not take myself too seriously (or anything else for that matter).

    i find comfort seeing that your homeschooling is relaxed. that i’m not the only one that feels this is best, at least right now.

    you have great pictures of your loves.

    i think you’re doing a great job on your blog. please don’t stop. those were such rude comments. sometimes i can’t believe people. can’t they just stop checking? must they make it your problem? you’re doing wonderfully.

  11. Deb, I come here for visits to get a sneak peek into your life–just as a reminder to us all that God’s work with us is never finished. We’re both so different than our 15 year old selves, aren’t we? (Thank goodness!)

    I come here for visits because you take ordinary events and make them extraordinary, which is what life is really about, isn’t it?

    I never feel ashamed of myself as a mother or diminished as a person when I leave your site–you inspire, encourage, relate, and share a part of yourself.


  12. Hi Deb,

    I like to visit for nostalgia’s sake… my girls are all grown up, and I miss those days of science experiments and messy art projects. I miss owl pellets, and have met very few women brave enough to explore them.

    Blogs of Christian women are fun, helpful, encouraging, and inspiring. I think they may just be a current method of “Titus Two-ing” so keep it up! Sharing something that has worked well for our families or documenting a fun adventure is encouraging to others. And every once in a while, socks in the dish towel drawer just lets us all know we’re human!

    Have a good day!
    Kim 🙂

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