Yes, I Did

Let her jump in the puddle, that is.  Just in case you were wondering. ~grin~

2 responses to “Yes, I Did

  1. Whew!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO relieved!! That’s exactly what I would have done. Well, actually, it’s what I would have *thought* of doing, but before the thought would have come to my mind, my kids would have pre-read my mind and jumped in with both feet, knowing full well in advance that I would have encouraged them to do so anyway, or, at least, not objected…

    So really, I never really have to encourage them, it happens automatically.

    That is one of my all time fav pics of her, what an absolute precious, treasured moment captured SO beautifully…. it’s a “framer”!!!!!!

  2. Heck yeah! You’re only young once – go for it!

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