Toddler Economics

It’s like this:

Brooke and Brad make a wager–whoever rakes the most leaves wins a trip to the movies. They agree to rake our yard and the neighbors’ yards; but Brad slips off to the huge post office grounds and nabs all those leaves, too, and inevitably wins.

Brooke cries injustice. Of course I’d step in and make things right, she pleads. Only, I tell her I’m not the one to make the call–all the neighborhood children will. Half the kids back Brad because he’s a cool kid; he bribes the other half with the promise of candy from the theater.

That’s how I explained the feel-good Obamercial. Come one, the only way Barack Obama could afford last night’s television spot is because he went back on his word to not accept private funding.

And another story…

Brooke gets up early and works ten hard hours to earn $100 to spend in New York this December. Brad sleeps in and puts in only and hour, earning a measley $10. I decide it’s not fair that Brooke has so much more to spend, so I make her share her $100 with no recompense from Brad.

A little voice from the crib:

ROCK-uh-BON-nah took Brookie’s money!

Holy cow, the kid gets it! I never even mentioned Barack Obama’s name in that second story. Even a two year old can see what’s happening.

Vote on November 4. Vote wisely.


5 responses to “Toddler Economics

  1. i think this election is going to make me break out in hives…i am nervous. What a clever little girl you have…she is on to something

  2. I know – my prayer is to have peace that God is in control no matter the outcome of the election and not to have a spirit of fear.

  3. Don’t you just love it when your little ones can see something many adults are blind to? I have got to link to your story from my blog – my friends will love this too.
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. would you mind if i linked to your story too…i think it is worth sharing

  5. I love it, Deb!!! Thanks for posting this gem.

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