Costumes and Such

Guess what costume Bradley wore last fall?

Guess which of Brooke’s costume propositions I nixed?

Stay tuned for what the kids wore this year…


4 responses to “Costumes and Such

  1. I am on the edge of my seat….!

  2. I’m voting that she’s going as Michaelangelo – I mean, hey, the Ninja Turtles are awesome! And the costume is so simple! A green sweatsuit and a trip of material with holes cut in it! Cowabunga, dude!

  3. LOL! i love brooke’s idea! although i understand why it was a no. i LOVE that my girls play pregnant and breastfeed their baby dolls. i love to be able to nurture that in them instead of squelch it.

  4. That is so funny about Brooke. I remember doing that too as a child.

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