Last night we took a variety of characters to Trunk or Treat at church.

We had Dumbo:

A Space Ranger who insisted he wasn’t a space ranger, but an Air Force soldier:

A “boo-ful pincess.”

And a very curly Shirley Temple:

Oh, I almost forgot to post our decorated pumpkins. From left to right: Ariel, Jesus Pumpkin, Gem Cross and Glitter, Funny-Hair, and TMNT.


4 responses to “Surprise!

  1. Absolutely precious! The girls will be excited about Shirley Temple–one of their favorites.

  2. Ben says: “I love Brad’s. I want to be that someday.”
    Katie says: “Breanna’s dress is very nice!”
    Maggie says: “Brooke is so pretty!”
    Jacob says: “Brian’s elephant costume is fun–we should get one for dress-up.”

  3. Such great costumes!!

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