You’re Going to Make Me Do It Again, Aren’t You?

I’m jumping up and down, shouting “It is NOT the holiday season yet!”

It is NOT egg-nog nor pine-swag time.

Our family has not even taken its annual leaf walk.

It is still above 65 degrees.

So before y’all go making snowmen out of thin air, s…l…o…w down.

Delete your posts laden with stockings and poinsettia talk. Save them for later, when it really is holiday time.

You’re getting as fast as the department stores.


5 responses to “You’re Going to Make Me Do It Again, Aren’t You?

  1. i agree.
    on halloween day i got the christmas issue of country living. it felt so wrong.
    i have 2 months for that?! it’s still october. come on!
    i vow to not post about christmas until december….fair enough? 🙂

  2. Guilty as charged….

    Check out my blog, Deb. There’s a little something there for you.

  3. i know the feeling…they were playing christmas music in the shops the other day…please couldn’t we just have one holiday at a time

  4. I KNOW!! I was Christmas shopping yesterday!!!!!!! NO NO NO!!! Not ready yet!!!

  5. Oooops…did you see my Christmas shopping links post? I suppose you can call me guilty 🙂 I must confess that I’m beginning to feel awfully “merry” lately and even began dragging out my Christmas fabrics to do a little holiday crafting 🙂 Ahhh…..’tis almost the season…. 😉

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