A Dissenter Among Us

After we left the polling place today (where they had run out of “I Voted” stickers, doggone it!), we stopped to pose for a photo with signs of our candidate of choice.


You noticed there are only three children in the photo? That’s because three year old Breanna bopped her older brother in the head with her McCain-Palin sign and ran.

Seems after Ariel (of the mermaid sort), ROCK-uh-BON-na is her first choice for President. She’s convinced he wants to visit our house to give us money. And attend her birthday party. With Ariel.


Freedom is for all.


3 responses to “A Dissenter Among Us

  1. My daughter was hopeful for “Mr. Varock Obama” to win (Thanks Nickelodeon). She’s a happy camper this morning. As for the rest of us… let’s just say we’ll hope for the best.

  2. Cute picture! 🙂

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