Indian Summer Day at the Aquarium

Saturday we were planning to stuff scarecrows and carve our pumpkin, but it was almost 80 degrees. Who can stay home on that kind of Indian Summer day? We flitted off to the Inner Harbor just after lunch.

We have a membership at the National Aquarium at Baltimore (which paid for itself in two visits).


We had a great time with the frogs. Here are two of my favorite. The red one is called a Tomato Frog.



Of course we loved our trip down the three story fish tank, where the fish are so close you want to reach out and touch them.


The kids always love the bubble tubes. Do any of you remember them being filled with anchovies when we were young?


After a long day, we headed across the harbor


for lunch. What a day.


One response to “Indian Summer Day at the Aquarium

  1. looks like you had such a great time… we went there at the end of our summer vacation this year and it was amazing

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