Autumn Trails


A few days ago we hiked the Lower Susquehanna Heritage Greenway with our Restoration Place friends.


Our kids walked along the very railroad tracks used to bring the materials to build the Conowingo Dam.


They loved finding the surprises of nature,


just doing their “thing,”


and resting pretty.


We really enjoy our time with our outdoorsy friends. Thanks for introducing us to the quiet beauty of nature.


3 responses to “Autumn Trails

  1. what a gorgeous place for a hike. All our leaves have fallen, but for just a few.

  2. We have not gotten out for a good nature walk yet this fall… I guess I have not gotten to know the surrounding area well enough to know where to go! Pretty sad since we have lived her for 3 years. Anyway, Phil has the day off tomorrow, so we are headed out to find some nature!

  3. That boys and sticks photo is my favorite! Somehow I missed getting that one. The boys are still talking about that…rocks, sticks, and buddies…a few of their favorite things.

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