On the Rocks

I would be remiss if I didn’t include photos of my kids’ favorite part of visiting Conowingo Dam–the rocky beach.


They’re probably 15-20 feet high, and have lots of nooks the kids called “caves.”


The kids scouted out “their” rocks and called themselves kings and queens. They were very territorial.


Looking at this photo, I realize I probably shouldn’t have let Breanna go so high; but the adventurous side of me was on duty that day. She was thrilled to be a “big kid.”



4 responses to “On the Rocks

  1. Your kids are so cute! What a great place for a hike!

  2. How cool that you let your kids climb the rocks!

    I have brave mom/scared mom sides too, and the kids love when I let them be adventurous!

  3. What vivid pics and what cute kids!

  4. Your kiddos are just so adorable! And…..the photo of the little one on the big rocks is wonderful. It makes her look so tiny….but brave, lol!

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