It’s Heating Up Around Here

Today we toured a local volunteer firefighter station.


A home school dad firefighter taught the kids all about what to do in the event of a fire in our home. And he helped the kids to know how to interact with firefighters in full gear. He did the whole talk down on his knees with the children gathered around. He even let them try on real firefighter gear. They had so much fun!


Whaddya’ think, Dad?

2 responses to “It’s Heating Up Around Here

  1. Trips to the fire station around the area were amongst my favorite “field trips” with the kids when they were younger. There are quite a few fire stations in our city, and we’ve seen several of them. The kids loved how big the steering wheels are, and the boots used to go up to Jillian’s hips, LOL!

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane… kids looked like they had a lot of fun, I love the pictures!!

  2. Random things about me…

    I don’t pay attention sometimes, and I comment on the wrong post.

    I used to have a “Bucket List”, and while I don’t really have one anymore, there is still one place in the world that I absolutely want to visit before I meet Jesus face to face… North & South Carolina.

    When I try to imagine my life years from now, I draw a blank, every single time. In fact, for the last few years, I have never been able to imagine my life past the age of 34, which is my age right now. Am I worried? No… Curious? Maybe.

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