Fitness Friday: The Eating Out Edition

I LOVE to eat out! Love, love, love it. My family likes this type of dinner: plain meat, plain veggie, occasional plain starch. Blech! I love dishes that sing flavor harmonies. I tried making a month’s worth of gourmet meals at Let’s Dish several times, but my kids wouldn’t eat the food. I was so disheartened.

When I eat at restaurants, I almost always bag half my food from the beginning. That way I don’t overeat. And I try to fill up with a healthy salad first, so I don’t gorge on the less-healthy parts of the meal. I try to avoid dessert, and fried appetizers.

But here’s my problem–get-togethers with snacks. You know when a group of ladies gets together, they always have food. And not just boxed cookies, but homemade dishes that are too delish to pass up. I tend to fill my plate with a large helping of everything I want to try. What I plan to do this holiday-food season is to scrutinize what I actually put on my plate (something I wouldn’t make myself, or something I know I love and won’t get for some time), and only put half of what I really want on my plate. Believe it or not, I got the “take only half of what you want” tip from a dj on the local Christian radio station who was watching his waist.

Gym update: I did get the the Y for my orientation. I only got in a half hour, just learning how to use the machines I want to use, because Brian was climbing the walls (literally) in Child-Watch. That’s a whole story in itself, but I’m going to have to find some way to get him to stay in there longer so I can actually work out.

Here’s a photo of me just before my first trip to the gym:



10 responses to “Fitness Friday: The Eating Out Edition

  1. Gosh – you look GREAT even before the gym!! You know better than I, but I don’t see a single bulge that needs removing!! Once your kiddos get used to the routine of the gym, I’ll bet their able to settle into it.

  2. Love the pose Sistah! If you had a friend with a child Brian’s age that he could go to child watch with….that would be ideal!But I am very proud of you for starting the gym!!! YEAH!

    And I love eating out too. So much. But you are right, gathering where there is homemade food are far more dangerous. I think I will either get a helping of what I really want, or a spoonful of the things I want to try.

    Boy, these are good things to think about.

  3. Love the picture. I can testify that homemade goodies can be far more dangerous than eating out.

  4. Love the pose! 🙂

    Way to go getting to the gym!

    I love going out to eat, too. And, I love homemade food get-togethers too. Great tips!!

    Have a great week and praying you get to actually work out! 🙂

  5. You go, girl! And I’ll be right beside you, shoveling in the homemade girly get together goodies…and walking/elliptical in the mornings by myself.;-)

  6. go you, that is a great picture!!! thanks for the tips, they are all great ideas. my husband used to ask for the to go box when the meal came and they always looked at him like he had two heads!!

  7. i think you should have also included a photo of yourself “after” the gym 🙂

  8. Good for you! I am so glad you went to the gym and did the orientation!! Learning how to use the machines is half the battle! Your son will get used to it I’m sure. Just keep taking him back and he will eventually learn that you will ALWAYS come back for him 🙂

    Have a great week!

  9. you are a step ahead of me for sure! Love the pic! Ban the home made stuff!

  10. Love the pose! – you look great!

    Everyone is so good about putting some of their food away which I need to adopt myself! When I am at food gatherings I was really good at choosing between the “special” items worth eating – those items that I could not get any other time of the year and at the same time, just take a smart portion!

    Many blessings in the week ahead!

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