Ten Random Things About Me

I was a Girl Scout up through the ninth grade, but I never earned a single badge on my “own.” I only earned the troop badges. And it didn’t really bother me. I liked the carmaraderie, the camping and the cookies.

I played the Scarecrow in my high school’s presentation of The Wizard of Oz–and I can’t carry a tune in a bucket or dance a step! No, really, I mean that.

I am still friends with my childhood best friend, Debbie. We used to refer to ourselves as “Debbie 1” and “Debbie 2,” arguing about whether the number stood for how many brains we had. I have to say now, she was definitely “Debbie 2.” Now Deb and I see each other when she comes home to visit, and our kids play together. Full circle is really, really neat.

I grew up Lutheran and spent most of my free time at the church. I rang in the bell choir, sang in the children’s choir, met with my Girl Scout troop there, was heavily involved in the youth group, and loved church dinners and picnics.

I couldn’t stand my husband when I first met him. It was in my very first college course, an 8:00 a.m. Monday session of Acting 101. I was a “serious” theater major and he was fulfilling a general education requirement. I don’t think he was too fond of me, either. God sure has a sense of humor.

I worked as a Recreational Assistant with the Association for Retarded Citizens right out of high school, which means I spent weekends having fun with three adults with severe mental disabilities. One autumn we stayed in a hotel in the mountains at the peak of leaf-season. It was gorgeous!

My wedding dress cost only $37.50! I fell in love with a dress in a little shop, and didn’t have any idea how much it cost. Come to find out, it had been discontinued and was marked down to $75. They took 50% off and I walked out with a beautiful watered-silk gown for under $40. I bought lace and pearls, and my mother hand-embroidered the front for me. It was stunning.

We invited nine relatives in to the delivery room for our first child’s birth: My mom, my two sisters, Chuck’s mom, Chuck’s sister and her 5yo daughter, Chuck’s aunt. It was a magical experience. We invited only my mom and Brooke to our fourth child’s birth. By then I knew what Transition meant. ~grin~

My favorite pair of shoes is a pair of stilletto black sandals I bought while shopping with a friend for something out of the ordinary. They’re almost ten years old now, and good as new. They’re perfect for holiday parties.

I’d love to move south. Maybe a little island off the coast of Georgia, or South Carolina. A place where I can have a huge sleeping porch and drink sweet tea by the gallon. I’d be a real southerner, one who likes to jump in the lazy rivers and raft for days at a time. I wouldn’t be the kind who shops incessantly and wears full make-up to bed.

Ah, now, if you’re brave you can either share one thing here in the Comments section, or take the challenge to list then things about you on your own blog.


2 responses to “Ten Random Things About Me

  1. Oh my goodness–my grandparents showed up in the delivery room right before my first was born and I kicked them out. All I wanted was my mom and my husband. Of course I was horribly sick with pneumonia and 200/100 blood pressure and on a mag drip.

  2. Love your list!!
    My mom was present at the delivery of our first born, along with my brother, stepfather, and stepson lurking around outside the door. For my second/last child… just hubby and me. THAT was the way to go 😉

    Pssst…. I didn’t like my husband when I first met him either. Funny how things turn out.

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