End of Autumn Craft

Inspired by Make and Takes

What will you do with all those crispy brown leaves lying on your lawn, especially if you aren’t quite finished with autumn?

You can make these:


Step 1: Crunch the Leaves (perfect for little hands)


Step 2: Draw a Leaf


3. Outline the Leaf (including the veins) with glue


4. Gingerly Drizzle


or Dump Leaves onto Glue


4. Apply Pressure to Leaves (wipe glue off book after pressing)


5. Tap off Extra Leaves


6. Enjoy your Masterpiece



4 responses to “End of Autumn Craft

  1. that looks like a fun little craft. my son would love it just for the mess

  2. I, personally, choose the ‘dump’ method. That has always worked well for me.

    Seriously, what a cute craft idea! Your daughter’s leaf is awesome :).

  3. I’m visiting from Leslie’s blog… I love this craft and wish I’d thought of it when we could still find leaves… I’ll be watching for when you share a good idea for the loads of snowflakes we do have. Anyways, your family is beautiful, and I’ve enjoyed my visit.

  4. What a fun craft! I like really textured art sometimes, adds interest.

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