Consumer Confidence? A New Series is Coming…

Neal Cavuto (Fox News) says that our whole financial crisis boils down to confidence. People don’t have confidence to spend the money they have.

Well, Mr. Cavuto, our problem is we don’t have the money we once had. Our nest egg has shrunk to the size of its yolk. The sales commissions we’re accustomed to have deflated. Our emergency fund has been used to pay off the 70% increase in electric rates. 

True, we won’t be spending the money we have in Christmases past. But it’s not because we’re not confident. No. In fact, we’re very confident we don’t have that money to spend. Too confident, I’m afraid.

Readers: stay tuned for a new series I’m calling Rethinking Christmas. The best series are born out of necessity.


6 responses to “Consumer Confidence? A New Series is Coming…

  1. oh wow, i can not wait to read your new series. It sounds just like what we all might need.

  2. Can’t wait to read more! Yep, I am rethinking how to handle our Christmas this year as my hubby has been out of work all year and doesn’t start his new job until January. Not so good for the Christmas savings fund! I would love to tell the relatives we won’t be giving gifts, or at least not the ones we buy. 🙂


  3. Looking forward to reading the Christmas series!

  4. AMEN and AMEN! I can’t WAIT to read your new series!!! Thankfully we got all Christmas gifts at garage sales during the summer. 🙂 We are not always able to do that, but this past summer had some GREAT new things that were too good to pass up!!

  5. Oh…I agree 100%!

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