Fitness Friday: The Best Excuses

This week we’re supposed to write our best excuses for not getting fit. I’m a pro at that, as you’ve seen these past few weeks. Here goes:

  • My mom says it runs in my genes and I’m bound to be fat one day.
  • I just figured out I’m an emotional eater, and I think I should get therapy before I attempt to deal with it myself
  • I’m only gettting older and less attractive from here on out, so why fight it?
  • I make my non-fit friends feel better about themselves.
  • I can’t afford to buy new clothes in smaller sizes anyhow.
  • I won’t be squishy enough for my kids kids to snuggle.

Too funny! What are your excuses for not getting fit?

14 responses to “Fitness Friday: The Best Excuses

  1. “I can’t afford to buy new clothes in smaller sizes anyhow.”

    So true. Fortunately, in my eternal weight loss optimism, I have quite a few clothes that are waiting longingly for my butt to shrink enough to get back in them. Of course, they’ll probably look waaay outdated before I get back in them!

  2. Oh the gene pool!!! I forgot about that one! I truly do have big ancestors–I’ve seen photos. So it’s as easy as saying, “Well, I take after the ______ side of the family.”

    Oh, yeah. I’ve used that one!

  3. Oh, I know the gene pool excuse well 😉

    Besides, I need new walking shoes first! 🙂

  4. It’s baby weight (ignore the fact that my last baby is 2+ years old)

  5. This is so funny to read (but pretty convincing when I’m telling it to myself!!!) While non-fits make excuses. The fit friends friends whine and workout because they are sooooo fat and out of shape. Hmmmm.

  6. isn’t that funny…but so so true. There always seems to be an excuse. i am sure i have used every one in the book, but the one that usually gets me in the most trouble is that i love chocolate too much to give it up to get fit!

  7. I agree with them all! 🙂

  8. Okay wheres that drink to go with my french toast! 🙂

  9. Squishy? *Bursts into uncontrollable laughter* Too funny!

  10. good excuse. Now come up with excuses for NOT eating right or working out! Creativeness goes both ways right!

  11. I have heard the gene pool too but I used to fight it…the resistance is down now. lol


  12. I have used the excuse I can’t afford new clothes many, mnay times before too! We can do this!! Keep focused this week and have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

  13. Oh, the “can’t afford smaller clothes” excuse reared it’s ugly head when I started changing my habits a year ago. I went ahead with the changes anyway, and do you know what God has done? Clothed me! A friend who shrank out of a ton of clothes gave me bags and bags and bags and bags full–more clothes than I’ve ever owned at one time in my whole life! Clothes I could wear then and future clothing. Then some coworkers who were also shrinking gave me clothes that no longer fit them. And ALL of these clothes are nicer than anything I used to choose for myself–I wear a wardrobe of hand-me downs and Salvation Army finds and I’ve never dressed better. Just this week a coworker gave me a bag of stockings–she orders them online and she forgot to change her size since she’s lost weight. A whole bag full of various colors, brand new, and all free.

    So that excuse has died for me. Unfortunately, I have several others that moved in to take its place and those I’m still battling. But it’s been such a blessing to watch God provide and bless when I obey Him.

  14. By the way, the above comment is from me. Didn’t realize the computer would automatically fill in my name–oops. So I thought I’d clarify since hardly anyone in blogland knows me by my real name!

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