Rethinking Christmas: Around Town


We love to ride up to Applewood Farms to visit our live reindeer friends. This year we’re actually touring the farm during the day with other homeschoolers, so we’re bound to learn lots more!




We bundle up and scoot off to Beachmont’s outdoor live nativity musical drama, even though we freeze our bottoms off. I was just not meant to live north of the tropics.



Yesterday I placed our ticket order for same Nutcracker performance we watch every year. In our family, you can join Mama for the ballet at age 5. Brian will come for the first time this year. He is so excited! The kids’ favorite parts are taking a toy donation up during the performance and sitting on stage for a few magic tricks performed by Uncle, and the Tea Party with the dancers after the show.



festival-of-the-treesThis year we just might venture out to the Festival of Trees–which is a charity event that stages dozens and dozens of themed Christmas trees and hoilday displays. The last time we were there we had only two children. Whoops!


Dad’s favorite part of the season is the train gardens. He’s a train hobbyist himself, and loves the inspiration the gardens offer. This is our favorite show to visit–it’s homey, lots of great displays, and not incredibly crowded like some we’ve visited in the past. In the words of Goldilocks, it’s “just right.” And…My Three Sons Italian restaurant is just down the street if you’re hungry.


What kinds of local activities do you enjoy? You don’t have to be local to me to comment…what’s in your area?

STAY TUNED for the next post in the series, Revisiting Christmas: Holiday Decor


3 responses to “Rethinking Christmas: Around Town

  1. Oh My… I tried to catch up with your blog this morning I am overjoyed with the tons of great ideas you are putting out here! Really, you have some awesome ideas! I’m coming back later to read them all again 😉

    One of my most favorite things about this season, too, is sitting by the fire and admiring my lit tree after everyone has gone to bed. So peaceful!

  2. I almost forgot……I wanted to send a Happy Thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family!

  3. We have never done much of that sort of thing, mostly due to the kids allergies (Rach can’t be around citrus, apples, or cinnamon, or camera flashes, most of which are in abundance at this sort of event.) We do however make a goal of renting certain movies, baking tons of cookies to give away, and decorating together.

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

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