Co-Op Fun

Our little fun-times co-op celebrated Thanksgiving with a few crafts and snacks.

We made a pilgrim hat out of a cookie, marshmallow, melted chocolate, and a little yellow icing:


We made the birds a snack with a pine cone, Crisco, and bird seed.


We read aloud to one another.


And made traditional Thanks Turkeys to take home.


What a wonderful way to lead up to a special day.


2 responses to “Co-Op Fun

  1. cornishevangelist

    Angels Everywhere

    Oh, if we could only see into the unseen world, then we would not be so fearful of this life. Elisha the prophet of God prayed for his servant that God would open his eyes, and when his servant saw the heavens full of chariots of fire he was no longer afraid.

    Many years ago there was a lady in a little Pentecostal Church in Cornwall who was afraid of living alone in her flat, so when Diane and I took her home after Church, we prayed for angels all around her flat, and in every room and cupboard. Her faith rose up in her so much, it was as if she saw angels everywhere, and all fear and loneliness left her.

    Oh, if only we would believe.
    “The angel of the Lord encampeth around about them that fear Him, and delivereth the,” {Psalm 34 v 7}. Praise the Lord Jesus

  2. What a fun and yummy project!

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