The Big Brown Day

I was surprised when our children asked if just the six of us could celebrate Thanksgiving alone at our home. It seemed to run contrary to all I knew about Thankgsiving. But why would I want to discourage them from wanting to spend the precious day together as a family?

We started out the morning baking cinnamon muffins for ourselves and our neighbors. The children delivered them in their pajamas.


We spent a few hours lazing around in front of the television, enjoying the Macy’s parade.


Ahem…some of us did.

After a scrumptious ham dinner,


we ran off our calories


in a friendly game (a really friendly game)


of girls v. boys backyard football. Take a guess who won.


We were going to have dessert with friends, but Breanna and I fell alseep on the couch, and hubby left us there–he said we looked to sweet to disturb. What a guy!


2 responses to “The Big Brown Day

  1. I love your family Thanksgiving photos :). Such a fun family! The hubby-on-the-couch shot looks too familiar, though :). I gotta love the way your family plays football – looks a lot more fun than what I know! I am glad your holidays are going well! Keep up the great job with the photos!

  2. Oh….I love this post! I love the photos…..especially the one where he’s helping put her shoe back on 🙂 I love moments like that. And, how sweet that they wanted a simple family Thanksgiving this year….very sweet!

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