Antlers and Trains and Goats, Oh My!

Recently we toured Applewood Farms, on the Maryland/Pennsylvania line. In all the hub-bub (125 people attended the field trip I organized), I forgot to take photos of the reindeer. Here’s a display of their antlers from the barn, though.


During the hayride, one half our group was on the Maryland side, where it’s illegal to own reindeer. The other half was on the Pennsylvania side, where it’s perfectly legal.


We enjoyed the model trains,




 and sweet little kitties inside Christmas displays


in the American-Revolution-age barn. It was filled with many old and interesting things.


Of course, we found a few interesting things, not so old, outside.



After we stopped gawking, we headed over to petting zoo,


lawn bowling,


and antler toss.


We’re already counting down the days til our trip next December!


2 responses to “Antlers and Trains and Goats, Oh My!

  1. looks like you guys had so much fun!!! 125 people is a lot !!!!!

  2. As usual, I love your pictures! But when I got down to the lawn bowling one, my daycare boy was sniffling in my lap and distracting me, and I thought it said “lama bowling”. Which, really, would have been way more fun. LOL

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