Dinner Club, I Miss You

A few years back we were part of a Dinner Club, which met together monthly, rotating through the homes of a dozen or so couples. Saturday night we had a flashback celebration, and got to catch up with some old friends.

These are two of my very dear friends, Sue and Suzi. deb-sue-and-suzi

Seeing everyone again reminded me how much I miss being out with adults, laughing and spreading some cheer. I felt really light and rejuvenated the whole rest of the week.


Can you tell I forgot the dress code was red, black and white? Still, we had a wonderful evening out as a couple.



3 responses to “Dinner Club, I Miss You

  1. Your outfit is gorgeous!

  2. What a great evening! I’d like a few more of those “group” adult events, but The Engineer isn’t much of a ‘groupie.’ Those kind of get-togethers always end up being better than he expected though!

  3. You look so beautiful! Who cares what the color code was – lol! Is there any chance you guys could get back to your monthly get-togethers? Sounds like a good thing to do, if you can make it work. Thanks for posting the photos – you look so wonderul!

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