Sabbath Sweetness

The view from my living room window. Mmm…



5 responses to “Sabbath Sweetness

  1. How did you get so lucky to get this shot??? During the summer I watched a cardinal here for 3 days before I was able to get a decent shot. And then I took about 10 shots to get one almost good one :(. Yours is perfect!!! The white backdrop is beautiful behind him. You should get your kids online to research a photo contest – then you could enter it. Seriously.

  2. BTW, your topper makes me hungry.

  3. Is that a “zoom” shot or was Mr. Red Bird really so close? Either way, it’s certainly a worthy “Mmmmm ….” moment!

  4. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. i can’t wait to show this picture to my daughter….we are self professed bird nerds and cardinals seem to be her favorite right now.

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