Boys’ Day Out: A Birthday Tradition

Brian waited patiently all year for his special day out with Dad to celebrate his fifth birthday.

They started with breakfast at a local diner.


and drove to their favorite train-watching spot.


They left a few coins for the cars to flatten


and collected a few old spikes for their collection.


They warmed up by building a remote controlled sports car at RideMakerz. Isn’t it awesome?! You should hear the start-up  music…sweet!


Of course, it brought on a thirst for some real driving, thus a few trips around the go-kart track.


After a final stop at the holiday train garden, Brian fell asleep in the back seat of the car. What a big day for such a big boy!


4 responses to “Boys’ Day Out: A Birthday Tradition

  1. what a great birthday celebration….

  2. Happy birthday!!!!

  3. You got a great photograph of one happy little boy with his smashed pennies :). Looks like his day was wonderful. What a terrific thing for Brian and Dad to be able to spend the day together like that! A lot of dads wouldn’t bother – wouldn’t spare the time. Kudos to Dad!

  4. What a magical birthday for a little boy!

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