Rethinking Christmas: Decorations

I love love love going into a home that’s well-decorated for Christmas. No matter the style, I appreciate the magic of seasonal decor.

Then I go home and I want more, more, more. I want what they have. I want what’s beautiful–and costly. Even thrifting and making on your own runs up quite a bill. This year, I tried to make-do with what I had. Remember when God spoke that to me earlier this fall? Use what you have, He said.

So, while my house isn’t a winter wonderland, it’s beautiful to me. And very inexpensive.

Tree for All Seasons: We made ornaments and origami wreaths from scrapbook papers, bought a few bells, and surrounded the tree with some of my favorite Christmas gifts


Mitten Garland: We cut felt mittens out the size of the children’s handsand hot glued them to a fun yarn.


Willow Tree Nativity: Hubby bought me this last Christmas, and we keep it up year-round. It’s one of my favorite pieces in the house.


Kitchen-Cabinet-Tops: Just a few simple things up above.




Dining Room Sideboard: A small collection of pine-inspired decorations. [Don’t look at my empty picture frames.]


Bowl of Bows: I try to fill this coffee-table bowl with things the kids can play with til they fall apart…the fillings, not the kids!


Story of Christmas Nativity: Hubby bought me this one this year. We’ll keep it up year-round.


Lenox Ornaments: From my grandmother to the children before she passed away. They are extra-special.


Fire: A cozy flame seems to make Christmas-time magical.


Our Christmas Tree and Skirt: Covered with ornaments from my childhood and my children’s hands, our ornaments-of-the-year; and the skirt I cut out and hemmed years ago.


Children’s Nativity: Last, but most-loved, we put out a few children’s nativities the children love to play with year-round. Here is this year’s favorite.


12 responses to “Rethinking Christmas: Decorations

  1. love the first picture. what a cute idea.

  2. I love your decorations! Your scrapbook ornaments give me some great ideas. Your tree is awesome! I also like that you keep your nativities out all year long. Why haven’t I thought of that? Thanks for touring me through your Christmas decorations. I enjoyed it immensely. All we have is a air-blown up, lighted inside the belly 6′ tall penguin in our yard – lol. With 4 dogs, 2 full grown cats, and 2 kittens in the house, a tree isn’t going to make it. I plan on locking up the cats on Christmas morning, putting all the dogs outside in their pens, and putting up a small tree (quickly) before Kali gets out of bed. Wish me luck :).

  3. i think it all looks beautiful. the year my husband deployed we only had a small tree and we strung it with the classic popcorn and cranberries and a few kid made ornaments and it is probably the sweetest tree we have had yet. there are so many things in our home our just outside our door that make beautiful christmas decorations.

  4. Well it all looks lovely to me. I love that mitten idea! Im going to have to try that.

  5. Everything looks spectacular. Haha I think my mom has some of whatever that is in the basket in the fourth picture. Someone gave it to her and she came home raving about the smell. I personally smell only a very, very, slight woody scent, but whatever floats her boat =)

  6. Love the seasonal tree. So are those the origami wreaths you were telling me about?

  7. Oh, how lovely! I especially like your idea of a bowl filled with something for the kids to play with!

  8. I think your decorations are beautiful….especially your wonderful nativity. It alone would be fabulous! The mittens are too cute…a really great idea 🙂 I love natural decorations for Christmas like pine cones and boughs from the tree tucked into corners and on shelves and the mantle, just add a few red bows or berry sprigs and I’m good to go 🙂 Your home is really beautiful!

  9. Such sweet decorations and the mitten garland is too cute! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  10. I love everything! That mitten garland is great! I love it when we can use what we have!

  11. lovely pictures, and i totally believe in “use what you have.”
    also, love the pix of your trip. i took my 3 kids at about the same ages as yours, we had a blast! (not at Christmas tho)

  12. Hi! I love your Christmas decorating ideas and am wondering where you got your tree for the for all seasons.

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