THE Winter Wonderland…NYC

We’ve been more than busy lately–we’ve been out of town! Friends invited us to join them on a trip to the Big Apple. WOW~seriously, that’s all I can say. W.O.W.

Here’s a smattering of photos of our highlights:


Catching the ferry. This is the view from our hotel room, too. Gorgeous!


Humor me here. I loved the pigeons. I know, I know…flying rats. But look!


Okay, indulge the homeschooler in me. LOOK at this public library. Can you imagine the magic behind its walls?


Public Transportation

The kids loved the ferry,


particularly the revolving door into the building.


My kids loved being on a bus. The only bus they ever ride is the parking lot shuttle at church a few times a year.


I noticed girls and boys even wait differently for buses.




Breanna spent most of the time looking up at magnificent things


like this,


and this,


and this,


and this.


One night the girls scooted off to American Girl store


while the boys played at FAO Schwartz. This, of course, is where they puchased their souvenirs.


The funny thing is I never even thought to buy myself a souvenir. Maybe because I was so content with the abundance of excellent foods.


We ate at this landmark restaurant one evening.


The food was absolutely yummy! Breanna didn’t want to leave til she’d gotten the last drop.


One afternoon we ate at Isabella’s, which celebrated its 20th anniversary with caps for the young’uns. I loved that there was white bean puree in the macaroni and cheese, and zucchini shavings in the hamburgers.



We spent most of one day touring the American Museum of Natural History.


We were a little disappointed to not find Teddy, Rexie and Jed just as they were in the movie Night at the Museum. But we got over it quickly.

90% of the bones on this guy are authentic!


These are some amazing rocks!


This was one of my favorite rooms.


This was my other favorite room.


My kids think this was the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.


“Mom, I saw a nak-d monkey!” Brian squealed. Because we haven’t yet discussed the theory of evolution, he was completely stunned.


THIS tree was stunning! About 15 feet tall and completely covered in origami decorations, it was magnificent.


By the end of our visit we were completely worn out, and we still had twenty blocks to walk back to catch the ferry bus!


The kids love staying in hotels. And after full days of holding our hands tightly on crowded New York City streets, and having to walk and sit and be quiet in so many places, they cut loose back at the hotel.




We finally did make our way home, though it was hard to say goodbye. We hope to go back in the spring to finish up the museum, visit the former WTC site, and tour the Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building. I wonder if our friends are up for another trip…


11 responses to “THE Winter Wonderland…NYC

  1. Deb – I enjoyed your NYC photos so much!! What a great memory for your kids! Richard and I enjoy going to see the “big city”, but we have yet to be brave enough to drag along the kiddos with us! Great pictures!

  2. So much fun! NYC at Christmas time is my favorite time to visit, although summer is nice too, when it’s not so cold! We haven’t taken the kids down town, but we did take Regan and Micah to visit our friends on the upper west side a few summers ago and that was fun. We would all love to go back, but it is a hike from Southern VA!

  3. Wow. Only been to NYC once–and that was babysitting 12 teens. 🙂 Not exactly enjoyable.

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing this post, and the pictures were priceless!!! What a beautiful gift of memories for your entire family. It makes me wish we’d had more time to spend in NYC in August — we visited NYC from 10am to 8pm on Aug 15th — with three kids — kind of a blur, LOL! It was great, though, we’re so glad we went. We saw the Empire State Building, the Hard Rock Cafe, took rides on the Subway, did a boat tour of the harbour (Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Pier something, the bridges, Ground Zero) and walked through some of Battery Park. It was amazing.

    I keep hearing about Christmas in New York City, but had never seen pics. They’re beautiful… thank you for sharing!

  5. Wow what a trip! That tree is stunning. Is that an American Girl doll in your daughters hand in the pic on the bus before the pic of visiting the store? Or do I have the families mixed up. I cant keep everyone straight lol. If so that leads me to believe that she owns her own doll. Im getting Tink the Kit Kittridge doll for Christmas or actually her grandma is getting it for her.
    Which doll does your daughter have?

    Okay isnt that just like a commenter. You go to New York and take all these fab pics and they can only talk about the american girl doll. LOL

    Seriously though it all looks like tons of fun! Wish I coudl have been there.

  6. What an awesome trip!!! And what awesome friends for inviting you!! I want to go with you next time. Kali and I will schedule a field trip :O). And, I’m mostly serious! All the decorations, the American Girl store, the lights, the museum, the dinosaur, the food, and everything else looks wonderful. I could do without the naked monkeys however – lol. What a great post! Thanks for sharing your good fortune with us :).

  7. What an awesome trip! Isn’t it so much fun experiencing the world with your kids? Believe it or not, going overseas is just as easy! (minus the fact that it’s hard to find anyone who speaks English) What a memory maker!!!!

  8. Though The Engineer has been there many times for business, our FAMILY had their first trip to New York in October 2007. It was a WONDERFUL week!! My personal favorite was the Subway – we never once took a cab or a bus (The Engineer was a “subway master’) – and the kids had a blast Trick-or-Treating at the Natural History Museum on Halloween.

    Looks like you’ve got lots of fantastic memories too! That view from your hotel is quite impressive.

  9. oh my goodness that looks like so much fun…we are planning on going to the city this week for christmas eve….i am even more excited now tha ti have seen these wonderful pictures….the tree and the american girl store. i know it is going to be a zoo but i am going to love every minute of it.

  10. missed you blogging while you were away! great to see you were all having so much fun. wow, it looks tremendous. what wonderful memories! so glad you had such a fantastic trip.

  11. Thanks! I feel like I’ve been….which will have to do for now. 😉

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