A Pictoral Chronology of Christmas: Sunday at Grammy’s

We celebrated Christmas a few times with different folks. Our first big family celebration was on Sunday at my mom’s house.

The kids were just itching to find out which gifts were theirs.


What they didn’t know was that all their gifts were piled beneath the table behind them. Take a look at this stash!


Each child had a favorite gift. Brea’s was her new puppy-in-a-purse. She walked around with it all afternoon, saying “Bye, everyone,” a dozen times. So cute!


Brian’s was the big surprise–


my own childhood sled, refurbished by mom sister and mom! What a surprise!!


Brad went goo-goo over his Nerf Gun.


Brooke loved getting a copy of Grammy’s favorite childhood book, Miss Hickory. We’ve already begun reading it.


I have to say, though, Brooke’s happiest moment was seeing Grammy’s face when she opened the Christmas Caroler Brooke painted for her. She worked so very hard on it!


My mother’s love language must be gifts! She lavished me and Chuck, too; we just didn’t take any photos of ourselves with our gifts. Bummer!

But here’s a photo of me with my little sister. It’s amazing how alike we look now that she’s colored her hair closer to “our” natural color. Now, if she’d just shrink 5 inches, gain 25 pounds, and age 7 years, we could be twins.


(Don’t worry–you’ll see a really good shot of  our middle sister in the next post.)

I have a perfectly sweet photo of the cousins sitting on the couch together. But this picture of my guys ambushing Andrew tells the real story! (Yes, old friends, that is the couch we weren’t allowed to touch when I was growing up!)


I claim no responsibility for this–I was in the kitchen washing dishes.

My mom’s house looked so pretty! She really has a decorator’s touch.


We had a magical afternoon–thanks, Grammy!



4 responses to “A Pictoral Chronology of Christmas: Sunday at Grammy’s

  1. Looks like great fun! We spent some Christmas time with my mom also. And, you are right!!! You and your sister look soooo much alike. You could be twins! But, you don’t want HER to age 7 years, you want YOU to decrease 7 years – lol! Beautiful photos of your family! Happy New Year!

  2. You do indeed look like your sis! It looks so christmasy around there. And ya know, isnt that the way it goes. The older kids arent allowed to play on or with something then along comes the younger ones and all rules are broken. Parents go soft in their old age I guess!

    And how wonderful is that sled! It reminds me of many happy sledding hours as a girl. What a great gift!

  3. How funny — (if I read you right) I’m the oldest of three girls, too, and my youngest is 7 years younger than I am! We don’t look quite as much alike as you and yours, though!

  4. Wow, do you ever look alike–same eyes, nose, mouth, slightly different face shape and coloring. Wow. Glad you all had a great Christmas.

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