A Pictoral Chronology of Christmas: Christmas Eve at Aunt Carol’s

Since I was a young teenager, we’ve spent every Christmas Eve evening with my Aunt Carol at her house.


Each year she makes a huge spread, always including this rye bread bowl.


This year she must have spiked it with ginseng, because this his how Brea looked after dipping in.


So  many candid shots…can you see how hard Brad’s trying not to spin around in that chair? He’s so self-disciplined!


Brian had a blast putting the camera on night shot and shaking it after clicking the shot.


He was so cute he managed to persuade his aunty to give him a back scratch.


The girls formed a pile up on their aunts.


I didn’t think it would help to jump on top, being how I’ve gained a gazillion pounds this holiday season.


This is one of my favorite-ever shots of my boys, all three of them.


Of course, gift time did roll around. Secretly I’d been coveting this little number under the tree. I was sure it was for my gardening aunt. But, turns out, it was for me!


Breanna loved this particular gift most of all, I think. What do you think?


The other three loved this game, a replacement of one they lost in last year’s flood.


Finally, the traditional Grandmother Picture came–just when my cousin was calling to wish his mother a Merry Christmas from overseas. We missed you, C!


Breanna called an end to the night’s festivities when she fell asleep on her aunt’s lap.


Good night, Sweetheart. Get plenty of rest because tomorrow is Jesus’ birthday!


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