A Pictoral Chronology of Christmas: The Big Morning!

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

First thing Christmas morning, we rushed downstairs to find our slippers lined up at the back door. (This year I thought I’d save money by not buying new slippers–big mistake. Next year I’ll make room in the budget!)


We ran out to the “stable”


to find “Baby Jesus” lying in a “manger.” (Recognize the manger from yesterday’s post?)


He’s usually wrapped in swaddling cloths (tea towels), but a very tired Daddy forgot to take off His pink jammies, leaving a very fashionably dressed Jesus waiting for us. ~grin~

We brought him in to warm him by the fire.


When He was nice and toasty, we took Him upstairs for His birthday party. First we decorated His cake together and read Him His birth story.


Then we took turns “feeding” Him.


Bellies full, we ventured downstairs to see what Santa brought. Santa, in the spirit of his great great great great great…grandfather, St. Nicholas, fills our stockings with trinkets to celebrate Jesus’ birthday with us.


Celebrating Jesus’  birthday is Santa’s favorite thing to do!


I love this shot–they each got a zipper pull made from Santa’s reindeers’ antlers. Here they were singing a song “Rudolph lost an antler!”


This year, the children made gifts for everyone. (14 gifts each, they made!) We loved opening each gift and oohing and aahing over their handiwork. But they were eager to move on to the store-bought gifts from Mom and Dad, like these reindeer Webkinz the boys fell in love with a few months back. Surprise!


And this adorable outfit and accessories Mom had tons of fun putting together for Brooke!


And Breanna’s mermaid puppet from the open-air market in NYC.


Dad enjoyed checking out the picture on his new plasma hdtv,


while Brad enjoyed perfecting his swing on our new Wii.


Brian and Breanna had a blast playing ping pong with Brian’s new set. As you see here, the best part of the game was chasing the ball over the kitchen.


They laughed as much over that as they did Brian’s stand-up comedy act.


Although I was showered with wonderful gifts, my favorite part was celebrating Jesus’ birthday all together,


in our own home, playing with all our new toys,


with no pressing matters…except, maybe, a short nap.


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