Getting Rid of the Stir-Crazies

You know what happens when it gets cold–you can’t send the kids outside to run off their energy. Then it’s up to you to provide opportunity for them to get active. This semester, we’ve begged off outside gym classes and are mixing it up with our new Wii. The kids love Wii Fit–skiing, hula-hooping, heading soccer balls. They also dig Wii Sports–boxing, golfing, bowling.


Another fun way to get the jitterbugs out is what we call Family Dance Night. Hubby and I sit on the couch like lumps and switch between music genres on our cable music channels. Sitting–not healthy. Watching our kids fall into bed exhausted–priceless.


The boys add a little funk to the night with TMNT costumes. What good, clean fun!



4 responses to “Getting Rid of the Stir-Crazies

  1. Sitting on the couch and not dancing? How quickly you forget, my dear! You were the DANCING QUEEN in high school, remember? Get up and boogie! Turn on some Madonna (one of the “clean” songs) or some good 80’s Duran Duran! Then take some pics and put them on here! 🙂

  2. Here goes… your kids are bodacious!!! Cowabunga, dudes! ( and dudettes) :O).

  3. So you guys really enjoy your Wii fit? I’ve been wondering if it’s worth the investment. Any thoughts?

  4. twilightspath

    My family makes fun of me playing the hula hoop(Apparently I look like a spaz) on the wii ….but I still have the high score! =)

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