Fitness Friday: I Feel Good

Have you read Brenda’s Fitness Friday post? She’s so good at motivating me to get healthy. I’ll join her in completing this week’s phrase,

I Feel Good When…

1. I wake up naturally in the mornings.

2. I get in some good time with the Lord before my day starts.

3. We start school on time.

4. I hug and kiss my kids.

5. I get some talk and romantic time with my hubby.

6. I have a refreshing chat with a good girlfriend.

7. I get in that 20 minutes of exercise during my day.

8. I get dressed early in the day.

9. I get to finish some creative project I’ve started just because I wanted to.

10. I can share something the Lord has taught me with someone who needs to hear it.

How about you? When do you feel good? Can you reward yourself with some of these things when you meet your fitness goals? Maybe a date night out? Or a bubble bath in the morning? Maybe coffee out with a girlfriend. Be creative–instead of rewarding yourself with food, reward yourself with things that make you feel good.


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