Germany, Oh Germany

This past week we immersed ourselves in Germanic culture and factoids in order to prepare for Around the World Day. What fun! We found the town hubby’s family came from, discovered Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is not German but Austrian, and made cookies with pepper! The children particularly enjoyed reading through some of the tales recorded by the Brothers Grimm.

Our Display


All the kids loved The Ukraine table the best. (It was designed by our friends.)


Check out these pysanke eggs our friends made and collected.


At each table, the children had to find the answers to particular questions in order to have their “passports” stamped.


Hubby had a wonderful time helping them to find the answers, and I enjoyed watching him participate in schooling. It’s always a treat!


The only other KONOS users in our county put together a display on Russia.


The Mexico display was a hit with our whole family. They just loved that the folks had actually visited the country and brought back souvenirs they could touch and hold.


I have to admit I out-ate Breanna on the guacamole. Yummo!


Even though we were stuffed with Norweigan cookies, homemade salsa and Russian tea (and much, much more!), we stopped for ice cream at our favorite dairy on the way home. Double yummo!



5 responses to “Germany, Oh Germany

  1. Looks like a fabulous time!

  2. This looks like a great, fun day! We did something similar during the olympics one year. Kali picked Australia. We made some kind of meatloaf that the Australians use kangaroo meat in. We substituted something else. And we made a dessert that my son named Koala Patties. We didn’t bring any home – lol!

    Thanks for the comment on my header. I know it’s hard to tell what that one shot is, but I figured my nephew would be thrilled to be at the top of the page for awhile.

    Kali and I are headed to Austin, Texas in the morning for a 9 day speech and debate conference with Communicators For Christ. I’ll be offline while I’m gone :O(. So, I’ll talk with you when I get back. I’ll have a lot of reading catch-up to do!

  3. that looks like so much fun. what a great idea…was this with all your local homeschool families?

  4. What a fun day! I have the Children’s World Cookbook from Usborne, and I’d really like to do something like this with the boys!

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