From My Bookshelf: Part 1

I keep my books in baskets strategically located around the house, next to my “quiet” spots. Here’s a peek into my 




bible-coverChildren’s Ministry Resource  Bible, New King James version

I love this copy, which explains just how to teach the truths of the Bible to children, and comes with conversation starters, answers to commonly asked questions, and plenty of diagrams and concrete illustrations.

soulStrengthening the the Soul of Your Leadership, by Ruth Haley Barton

Sometimes leaders get caught up in form and forget function. Barton uses the story of Moses to show us how God calls us to quiet with Him in order to equip us for ministry. It’s so refreshing to realize I’m not the only leader thirsting for real intimacy with God in the midst of my calling.

confident-woman1The Confident Woman: Knowing Who You Are In Christ, by Anabel Gillham

One of the books with the greatest impact on my life! I was able to finally give up striving and embrace my true identity as a Child of God. I am now leading a friend through it, and imagine I will lead others through it to freedom in Christ.

sawtelleThe Story of Edgar Sawtelle, by David Wroblewski

A novel I picked up at Costco for our road-trip to NYC. It’s well-written, but not engaging enough–yet–to hold my attention. I pick it up occasionally when I’m tired of my non-fiction selections.


serotoninThe Serotonin Power Diet, by Nina Frusztajer Marquis and Judith J. Wurtman

A friend recommended it to me, and I love it so far. It’s about realizing the effects certain foods have on your body and your moods and using them to your advantage. After months of yo-yo dieting, I’m ready to let food work for me!

skg-11Secret Keeper Girl: The Power of True Beauty and Modesty, by Dannah Gresh

I bought this while researching a curriculum for this year’s Sonflower Sisters gatherings. It is just a year or two older than my own daughter, so we chose another Secret Keeper Girls pak (see below).


skg-2Secret Keeper Girl: The Gift of True Friendship, by Dannah Gresh

We’re using this study for our Sonflower Sisters gatherings this year. It’s fun, fresh, and particularly appealing to tween girls. We’ll tweak it a little bit for the younger girls, but that should be easy. What fuN!

Foundational Prayer, by Judith Lyon Kesselman–A look at the design and importance of prayer in earthly life. I bought the booklet directly from the author at a writers’ conference.

Personal and Prayer Journals–I get mine at discounted prices at Ross, Marshalls and TJ Maxx. It’s important to me that the paper is smooth and easy to write on. My current favorite pen is the Sharpie Pen. Love it!

One response to “From My Bookshelf: Part 1

  1. i have books scattered around the house….not nearly as neat as yours…that i am reading all at the same time. my upstairs book and downstairs book, maybe one for on the go….LOL. Are you reading through all of yours all at once?

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