Fitness Friday: The Wardrobe Tweaking Edition

Brenda came up with a fun challenge this week: tweak your wardrobe.

envelope-neck-teeI have stylish clothes for the most part, but most are in a size too small (which is still a size above my goal). So this week I cleared out everything I can’t wear this instant. (I’ll just plop them up in the attic until I lose the 10 pounds to get back into them comfortably.)

Until then, I have three cute pairs of jeans and a handful of chic tees from Ann Taylor Loft I can live in. And now I won’t feel sad when I open my closet door because I’ll be able to wear anything in there.

This is the tee I love–I have it in oatmeal, chocolate brown, harvest orange, and chic black.


One response to “Fitness Friday: The Wardrobe Tweaking Edition

  1. love that shirt! Anne Taylor? I may have to check that out!!! I hate having things up around my neck, but that is still modest enough that the baby wont be undressing me in public if she pulls on me shirt! lol

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