Everyday Experiments



I couldn’t pass it up. It was more than twice the size of the largest navel orange, and this lemony-lime color. It had to be a citrus fruit, I reasoned. I bought it for about $2, took it home, and let it sit a few days, until I could smell it through the skin. I cut into it, finding a very thick, spongey rind and a beautiful pink center. It was almost a grapefruit without the bitter bite.

Wikipedia says it’s native to Southeast Asia, but I’ll bet mine was of the Chandler variety from California. What a fun citrus surprise in the midst of a very cold winter!


3 responses to “Everyday Experiments

  1. We have seen those at the grocery store too. They look rather interesting,but I don’t the kids would want to try one. Grapefruits are not well liked around here!

  2. we love trying new exotic fruits when we find them. my Avery’s one wish for the new year…when i asked her what new food she would like to try this year….was to try a blood orange. i bet she would be excited about about one of these

  3. Thanks for stopping by this morning and leaving a ‘budget” comment!
    Yes – those sounds familiar these days. All in all, setting our hearts, mind & monies on the things that matter most – BEST – is a good exercise of discipline. Let gratitude and thankfulness arise!
    ~ Tami

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