I’m the Hot Chocolate Lady


If you know me in real life, you already know that means I make the hot cocoa while my amply wrapped and cushioned children


galavant around in the snow.


Today is our first “snow day” of the season.


It’s not accumulated more than an inch, but it’s been snowing off and on all day–big, soft flakes.


It was enough to inspire me to put 15 mini-marshmallows in each cup of cocoa and let them watch Horton Hears a Who in the middle of a school day.



4 responses to “I’m the Hot Chocolate Lady

  1. twilightspath

    Haha, I am so jealous! The closest we’ve gotten to any snow this year is when BATON ROUGE and NEW ORLEANS got thick snow and it missed everyone further north! Grrrrr. Lol, looks like you guys had a great day though! (Your youngest boy’s haircut is officially awesome =P wish I could pull that off!)

  2. Wasn’t it beautiful today? We declared a snow day and had a blast–no regular homeschooling anything. Now we’re winding down with The Horse and His Boy (from the set you gave us) and more chai tea and a fire…a very peaceful, fun day.

  3. I have to know –> Did you actually count out 15 marshmallows for each cup??!! Looks like a yummy way to wrap up a snow day!

  4. snow!! i am happy to stay in and make the cocoa also. My daughter gets right out in it and the first thing she does is lay down, face first and eat a mouth full!!! Kids love it

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