President Obama

Mr. Obama, I didn’t vote for you. I still wouldn’t. In fact, I vehemently disagree with you on some very serious matters. But I will pray for you, and for your family. You have no small task ahead of you. I pray you are able to find your way to the True Savior every single day you are in office, leading our nation and families. I pray for your children to know their daddy, and your wife to find her place. I pray your decisions be seasoned with wisdom that comes only from the Lord. I will pray for you daily, Mr. Obama, to my Savior, the deliverer of all people.

3 responses to “President Obama

  1. i prayed as i watched

  2. i agree with everything you said. i’ve prayed for him since nov. 4th, and i will continue to pray.

  3. I completely agree 100% with your post. I also did not vote for Obama. It had everything to do with how he stands on the issues. Would I vote for him now — absolutely not. But I will pray for him, my country and all of the people that he has a successful term in office and that this country heals on so many levels.

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