…and a lightbulb went on!

I’m a writer, a reader, an intellectual, but not a scientist. I always appreciate a little help in teaching science. Last year I purchased several Real Science for Kids kits (not to be confused with Gravitas’ Real Science 4 Kids) on clearance at Ollie’s. We’re finally breaking them out, and I’m having more fun than I anticipated. My kids are eating it up. Today we used the Electricity kit. Wowzer!


We made simple circuits, series circuits, and a few others I can’t remember. The kids just didn’t want to put it away. I almost can’t wait to get to the Light and Vision kit we have. WooHoo!

UPDATE: I just have to add that last night our car battery was dead. I let the kids watch the neighbor connect the red wires and the black wires, explained how an alternator refills the battery’s energy, and drove them around for a few minutes explaining the whole thing in terms of our experiments today–and they GOT IT! And, for that matter, SO DID I!!!  I just love home schooling.


3 responses to “…and a lightbulb went on!

  1. You have so got to watch for Snap Circuits (they aren’t cheap but are a great addition to birthday/Christmas wish lists. ) Issac got some for his birthday and has been collecting the sets since–they are wonderful and all three kids are learning so much from using them.

  2. FUN! We’ve been doing an energy kit, too. But this one has a “car” that we’ll build as its last project. We’re having fun with it and I love how doing this kit has brought the proper energy terms to the forefront….Emma is having fun using the word “kinetic” lately 🙂

  3. thistledewmercantile

    Hi Deb! The girls in our family are non-scientists as well. Their father was a nuclear power mechanic in the Navy. Not a good match. Once, with high hopes of Hubby teaching them something about electricity, I left him in charge of science… and came home to him giving them a lecture in the bathroom on the workings of GFI receptacles. I don’t think they remember a whole lot about it.

    That kit would have been a lifesaver!!!

    Kim 🙂

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