Sometimes I Wonder…

about myself!


A friend makes a habit of giving her kids tempera and paintbrushes and letting them loose on her glass. I thought it would be fun to welcome Dad home from a business trip that way. So I set the kids up and left them like this:


Sweet little artists-in-training, of course.


I put in a load of laundry, hopped on the computer to check a few blogs (y’all were busy beavers that day!), and came back upstairs to this:

Well, before I show you you have to promise not to laugh too hard. Put down your hot coffee and put aside your judgment, because there has to be at least one time in your life you did something so silly as I did.

Okay, this:


Seems they thought painting one another and the floor, and mixing various shades of browns and greys would be more fun!

I found one spot I loved on the door–come to find out, it came from them lathering painting their hands and doing high fives. Well, that explains paint splatters in a 15 foot radius.


So, I get the body painting, and even the handprints, but I just don’t understand the airplane seating leading to the sink. Maybe one of them secretly has arms like ElastiGirl!


Daddy loved his welcome home:



9 responses to “Sometimes I Wonder…

  1. lol…i have to tell you, you are one brave momma. I would be too afraid. Mes scares me…let alone paint all over my house. Was your hubby surprised?

  2. I have to say you are crazy. LOl Never in a million years would I allow that. My poor deprived kids!

  3. That is GREAT!!! I have toyed with this idea… but I have to say, your post has postponed my desire 🙂 Someday, someday — I promise I’ll let DD try this… when she is about 12, LOL!

  4. GOOD-NESS!!! I am not so surprised you prompted this as I am that you left the room, let alone same floor they were on. You are truely fearless! Is this my same friend who cringed at finger painting!? Next time you must set up a camcorder! Looks like SO much fun!!!

  5. This is funny-and sounds totally like something I would do!!! It is crazy that you visited my blog today because I was totally thinking about contacting you. I am researching (again) homeschooling groups, curricula, etc. Whew! Overwhelming. Anyway, as far as painting with a brush-I get brush strokes too! I think the only way to avoid that is to spray paint. I sprayed the chest. I have a neighbor who is a painter and he says that whenyou spray paint spray it until it is a wet sheet of paint on top. If you do it without the glossy wetness it will turn out blotchy when dry. If you get a drip use masking tape and blot it while wet. Then recoat that spot later after it dries. Not perfect, but better than brush strokes!!!! Great to hear from you!!!!

  6. I’m glad I’m not the only one whose art projects sometimes go haywire. Thanks for showing the “not as planned”. : )

  7. this cracked me up;-) my kids are always into some messy art project and would love to do this. I have photos of my ds head to toe covered in the mud he painted himself in this fall, I must post it:-)

    I bet daddy loved his surprise too btw.

  8. VERY lovely idea, i wish we had a large door like that to paint on, her bedroom window will have to do..for now 🙂 how are you all doing?

  9. Love it! In fact, this is something I would do as an adult – and I end up with about the same amount of mess on average 🙂 Creative, fun, original… fantastic!

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