The Root of Science

Recently we got together with our Restoration Place friends for a little science class. Kathy read about these great Tabletop Gardens at Hearts and Trees. So we gathered some old jars (ours came from olives) and some root veggies and made our way to their house.

First, we cut the veggies narrow enough to fit into our jars, leaving the part where the leaves once poked through soil on top. Then we poked them through with toothpicks to perch them into the jar. step-1

Next we perched the contraption into the jar, which we’ll fill with water up to covering at least an inch or two of the bottom of the vegetables.


We ended up with a parsnip, a sweet potato and two carrots.


Now all we have to do is wait until they begin sprouting leaves and flowering on the tops. I can’t wait!


Don’t look so bored, Brian. We can find some fun things to do in the meantime.


We can take some time to smell the flowers, as they say,


and cuddle up with good friends.


Thanks, Kathy, for being my Science Friend. I need you! If you have a minute, check out Kathy’s photos here. You can see her finished root garden, and I’m sure watch her progress. She’s so good at following up.


2 responses to “The Root of Science

  1. Darling photo of Brian and Blue and Breanna and Boaz. And I need you, oh arts and crafts and creativity friend! 🙂

  2. love this so much I am now gathering stuff to do our own, what a great idea for htose mid winter blahs. nothing like growing something to perk us up. I would like to share in Kahty’s wisdom myself.:-)

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